Taiwan Hostel HF, The Happy Family Taipei Hostel Group. Established in 1985 for the adventurous travelers. Although Taiwan is not as wild, rough, and "anything goes" it still is one of the friendliest, most interesting, hospitable, and semi-wild countries you'll ever encounter!  I'm sure you'll still stumble upon those wild places we all did decades ago. In many ways Taiwan is more appealing today to the majority of visitors because of all its modern amenities but I sure miss getting off the city buses due to horrific traffic and I could walk 3 miles and get there an hour before the bus would arrive! Signed Taiwan's best American friend who quit work for a planned 6 months backpack tour but loved it so much I stayed for 15 years! Hopefully you'll have the same wonderful times in Taiwan I and others did! You'll also find you can easily teach English in Taiwan, either in a Bushi Ban or you'll meet someone on the streets who'll want to learn.

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In 1990 John ran Taipei Amigo Hostel which was located on Chi Lin Road 4F. John was best friends with visiting foreigners and often had hostel parties. John would give me the funds and I would chose the food items for whatever this particular party theme was. I was the manager, me (Lee). The top floor, 7F, was Sunshine English School which was started by Athena and Mike and most of us in the hostel taught English there. (But my first day arriving at the hostel, the current guests asked me if I was an English Teacher. My response was confused because I had no idea what they where talking about.) In the Vintage Gallery is one picture of Chloe Chen, Sunshine English student, on the roof. I may have more pictures from this era but finding them will take time so check back.


I don’t think times like these could ever happen again but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Surely times are not the same because of satellite cell phones, the internet, google maps...  HISTORY – John  opened his first hostel in 1984, Formosa Hostel, then Amigo Hostel, then Happy Family Hostels. Robert Story the author for Lonely Planet Taiwan was my source and tens of thousands of other foreigners’ source to meet John Lee and Taiwan. Robert laid out excellent trails which tens of thousands of backpackers followed  and is a part of Taiwan history! Live Life LOUD – signed, Best  American Friend to Taiwan. PS. If you have pictures from the 80s and 90s, please contact us and let’s post them here!

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